Chub Packaging Solutions

Hovus provides innovative chub packaging solutions for vertical and horizontal form, fill-and-seal chub packaging machines. Hovus’ chub casings run on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic poly-clip machines.

Hovus casings and films provide custom solutions for shelf stable cooked and raw food products. Our Victan® line of products includes chub casings and chub packaging films for raw ground beef and sausage and specialty products.

Raw Ground Beef & Sausage

Our Victan® C and Victan® XSE chub casings are designed for long-term protection of fresh and frozen meats such as ground beef, ground pork, or chorizo.

Custom Capabilities

Our chub casing options can be tailored to meet your specifications regarding size, color, strength, degree of shrinkage and more – plus, we offer in-house graphic design and high-technology, full-color printing capabilities to incorporate your logo, design and typography onto the film.

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