Hovus Meat Casing Whitepaper

It's Time for Just-In-Time

As a meat processing professional, you don’t have time for inefficiencies. You don’t have time for production downtime. You don’t have time for excess inventory. And you definitely don’t have time for wasted money—or opportunities. Make the most of your time by using high-quality meat casings—exactly when you need them—with a trusted expert like Hovus.

When you get your meat casings from Hovus, you will:

  • SAVE MONEY – Since we always have your casings in stock—and will deliver them exactly when you need them—you only have to order exactly what you need.
  • SAVE SPACE – Keeping your inhouse inventory minimized and efficient means more floor space for other core work and growth opportunities.
  • BE MORE AGILE – Streamlined, now you can better react to industry trends and opportunities—before your competition.

Perfection. Delivered.

Success isn’t just about speed of delivery. It’s also about quality. And in the hectic, make-everysecond-count meat processing industry, total dedication to the highest quality is how you—and your customers—ultimately win.

When you trust top-quality casings, like those from Hovus, you:

  • Maximize production time
  • Reduce product waste
  • Increase yield
  • Achieve consistent, top-quality products

Always here for you.

It takes more than speedy delivery of high-quality products to be a leader in the competitive meat processing industry. It also takes the right expertise and guidance from knowledgeable professionals.

At Hovus, we have a dedicated, ready-when-you-are team of experts strategically located across the country. If you have questions about casings and films—or just want some timely advice from a trusted partner—you can count on us to deliver game-changing insight on products, machines, applications, and even general production line improvements.

Isn’t it time for that kind of customer service?


Let’s optimize your operation today.


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