Plastic Pet Food Casings

Our furry friends require pet food packaging designed to provide long term protection for frozen meat products. Our casings not only provide sustainability but offer the convenience of a wide variety of USDA-approved colors, and in-house high tech, full-color printing capabilities. We offer casings for dog food rolls designed to keep chub dog food and other chub pet foods fresher, longer. The Victan C & XSE is your choice for casing any raw product, either fresh or frozen, for maximum protection and longevity.

Casings for Pet Food

Casings Casing Features
Victan® XMCC For applications that require the highest level of barrier protection and extended shelf life.
Victan® HD The gold standard of polyamide-based, multilayer, cook-in casings in North America -- designed to keep pet foods fresher, longer.
Victan® C For pet food products that will be frozen with the casing remaining on.
Victan® XSE For use on any raw product that can be either fresh or frozen. Victan® XSE is an outstanding casing for cooked products as well.

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