Barrier Casings

Casings Casing Features
Victan® XMCC For applications that require the highest level of barrier protection and extended shelf life. MORE INFO
Victan® C For sausage products that will be frozen with the casing remaining on. MORE INFO
Victan® HD The gold standard of polyamide-based, multilayer, cook-in casings in North America -- designed to keep sausages fresher, longer. MORE INFO
Victan® SLS For sausages that are to be cooked and stripped -- this casing peels from the product cleanly and in one piece. MORE INFO
Victan® XSE For use on any raw product that can be either fresh or frozen. Victan® XSE is an outstanding casing for cooked products as well. XSE can be used in either molds or rounded form. This casing possesses E-Z peel qualities for products that require no meat adhesion. No soaking is required to use this item. MORE INFO
Protect your sausage products and extend their shelf life with Hovus’ premium Victan® barrier casings. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our casings offer unparalleled protection against oxygen and moisture, preserving your sausages’ freshness, flavor, and appearance. 

Our Victan® line includes a variety of specialized barrier casings tailored to your unique needs. From the ultimate protection of Victan® XMCC for extended shelf life to the freezer-ready Victan® C, we have the perfect solution for every application. Contact Hovus today to explore our range of barrier casings and discover how we can elevate your sausage production to new heights. 

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