Victan® Mold

A shrinkable and durable casing for the filling & clipping of large-diameter, cured meat logs that are cooked in molds.

Benefits of Victan® Mold:

  • Consistent filling & clipping
  • Precise diameter control
  • Durable construction resulting in high productivity
  • Easily expands to create sharp corners
  • Specially designed peeling qualities for easy casing removal
  • Wrinkle-resistant after removal from molds

Additional advantages of Victan® Mold:

  • Outstanding diameter control
  • High puncture resistance
  • Meat adhesion to meet customer specifications
  • Shirred product diameters from 127mm-191mm
  • In-house graphic design and high-technology, full-color capabilties

Delivery Forms:

  • Shirred (with lubrication, if required)
  • Reel stock
  • Cut lengths
  • Clipped pieces


  • USDA/FDA approved
  • Kosher approvals available for most products
  • CFIA approvals available for most products

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