Q: On what types of machinery do Hovus’ casings run?

A: Hovus’ casings run on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic single and double clip machines.

Q: What are the applications that can be used with Hovus’ shrink and non-shrink casings?

A: Hovus’ shrink and non-shrink casings are great for ham, salami, bologna, chorizo, ground beef, pet food, cook-and-strip applications and freeze-and-strip applications.

Q: In what colors are Hovus’ casings available?

A: Hovus can provide a large variety of extrudable colors plus an infinite number of other colors made possible through our versatile printing process.

Q: In what sizes can Hovus provide casings?

A: Hovus’ layflat size ranges from 31-285 (material dependent). Hovus can customize to the layflat size that you need.

Q: What are some advantages of Hovus' casing material?

A: Hovus’ casing material provides many advantages and benefits. The material has excellent water and oxygen barrier properties–ensuring optimal product protection, quality, and shelf-life. Casing material layflat size can be customized to meet your application needs. Hovus’ high quality gravure and flexographic printing techniques provide ultimate versatility in color and graphic design.


Q: On what types of machinery do Hovus’ films run?

A: Hovus’ films run on vertical and horizontal form, fill-and-seal machines.

Q: What roll sizes are offered for Hovus’ films?

A: Hovus offers roll sizes from 3,300 ft. to 5,000 ft.

Q: What are some advantages of Hovus’ film material?

A: There are many advantages and benefits of Hovus’ film material. With Hovus’ films, there is no need to soak prior to production. This promotes efficiency and productivity in the production area. Hovus' films are customizable to meet your applications' needs. Cling can be added as required, and Hovus’ excellent high quality gravure and flexographic trap printing techniques provide the ultimate versatility in meeting your customized graphic needs.

Q: For what applications can Hovus’ flat films be used?

A: Hovus’ flat films are great for ham, chorizo, smoked products, ground products and cheeses.

Smoked Transfer Film

Q: How does Hovus’ Smoke Transfer Film work?

A: Hovus’ Smoke Transfer Film is a smoke-coated, 4-layer laminate, flexible-film used to transfer flavor and color onto meat. Flavor and color are transferred during steam cooking to impart an intense smoke color and flavor to meat.

Q: What are the advantages of Hovus’ Smoke Transfer Film?

A: There are many benefits and advantages to Hovus’ Smoke Transfer Film. This film comes as high efficiency roll stock with 2,400 ft.-per-roll for continuous running. Additionally, the smoke transfer layer completely eliminates the need for any additional smoke processing. This is a high-barrier film that provides superior product protection and excellent moisture retention to ensure high yields.

General Questions

Q: Can Hovus print pictures onto these materials?

A: Absolutely! Whatever images you conceive, Hovus can create, from simple line art to full color pictures. Hovus can even provide full-surface (a.k.a. edge-to-edge) printing. For casing materials, Hovus uses UV 12-color flexographic and gravure surface printing. For flat films, a gravure and flexographic trap printing can be applied. Hovus even provides artwork editing and custom creation services to ensure your product looks great.

Q: How can Hovus develop a casing or film for my unique needs?

A: Hovus customizes everything. Variables we work with include: form (shirred, rollstock, cut-clip-loop), size (layflat diameter), strength, color, barrier (oxygen and water vapor), shrink (degree of), adhesion (degree of), and more. This is all in addition to our ability to provide 100% customizable graphics. To get started, simply give us a call at 610-997-8800, or click “contact” in the top right corner to submit your inquiry.

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