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Since 1998, Hovus Incorporated is the industry leader in chub food packaging and processing materials. We have earned this reputation through the “inventive packaging solutions” approach, which is present in all of our advanced plastic casings and films. Whether it is due to cost savings being realized through our high yield casings, our superior graphic capability required for retail items, the durability and safety afforded through our high temperature films, or our newest innovation—QuikFlavR™ Smoke Transfer Film ... Hovus casings and films have a way to enhance any product.

Our company focuses on the needs of manufacturers in the meat, poultry, dairy, and specialty food market segments. However, our products are useful in any industry that seeks low-permeability materials. These products include Victan® plastic casings, chub retort films, and foil flat films.

Hovus is well known as a decades-long sausage casing supplier. Our technical sales staff was among the first to introduce plastic sausage casings to North America, with evaluations lasting over several years and across numerous applications. Our customers have relied upon this expertise to create packaging that works in each of their unique settings on a consistent and cost-effective basis.

We view your production facility, and each project within your facility, to be a one-of-a-kind challenge that affords us an opportunity to craft solutions that work for you; from assessing your initial requirements, to overseeing rigorous in-house product testing, to customizing a material and finalizing artwork.

At Hovus, our mission is simple—to be your partner in identifying and developing solutions that meet your unique business needs. We will be there for you every step of the way, and we offer the highest possible level of customer commitment in the food packaging industry!

All Sausage Casing Suppliers Are Not Equal

Hovus is unique among sausage casing suppliers in that we focus exclusively on plastic casings.

Food Packaging Supplies

Hovus provides innovative food-packaging supplies for high volume commercial processors in these industries.

Ground Beef Chub Films and Beyond

Hovus Victan® C and Victan® XSE casings have raw ground beef and sausage covered and can be used in fresh or frozen applications where the casing remains on.

Meat Packaging Solutions

Hovus understands the unique needs of commercial meat processors and provides an array of USDA/FDA-approved casings and films with technologies built-in to meet your business objectives.

Plastic Sausage Casing Benefits

Our line of Victan® casings for cooked and raw sausages includes plastic casings and films that range from semi-permeable technologies to high barrier materials.

Chub Packaging Solutions

Hovus is an industry leader in chub packaging solutions. And, we're unique among casing suppliers in that we focus exclusively on plastic casings.

Chorizo Casings

Hovus has a number of inventive packaging solutions for chorizo, including barrier casings for fresh and frozen raw chorizo. Our plastic chorizo casing has many structural and hygienic advantages over natural casing.

Pet Food Casings

Our Victan® casings are uniquely designed to complement your process and protect your pet food products.

Pet Food Packaging

Unique packaging solutions perfect for all shapes, sizes, and varieties of pet food.

Pet Food Rolls

Innovative pet food rolls solutions perfect for all of your pet food needs.

Chub Pet Food

Our pet food packaging and chub pet food casings are designed for superb product protection to safeguard the longevity and freshness of your chub dog food, pet food rolls, dog food rolls, and other chub pet foods.

Chub Dog Food Casings

Our casings and pet food packaging are custom designed for outstanding product protection.

Flexible Packaging Film

Hovus offers reliable Flexible Film Packaging to protect your high volume, chub packaging products.

Barrier Flat Film

Hovus offers reliable TSA Film Packaging for your poly-clip systems to protect your high volume, chub packaging products.

Foil Flat Films

Hovus designs air-tight foil film packaging with your product, your budget, and the environment in mind.

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