Plastic Sausage Casing Benefits

Plastic Sausage Casings, sometimes called “synthetic casings,” have many structural and hygienic advantages over natural casings.

That's why Hovus focuses exclusively on plastic sausage casings. Our line of Victan® casings for cooked and raw sausages includes plastic casings and films that range from semi-permeable technologies to high barrier materials.

Our Monolayer Casings are nylon-based casings that are well-suited for cooking-and-stripping applications used with products such as chorizo. They offer good meat adhesion and diameter control, and, like all of our products, they allow for customized graphic design and printing on your product's exterior.

Our Multilayer Barrier Casings are polyamide-based and are constructed with multiple layers for superb protection against water and oxygen permeation. They are ideal for fresh or frozen foods that require the highest level of protection for extended shelf life.

Finally, our Victan® Smoke Casings are specifically engineered with selective permeability properties, allowing both smoke and water vapor to permeate the casing to flavor your product. These casings perform well in the production of smoked, cooked, semi-dry, or raw sausages.

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