Uniquely Designed Pet Food Rolls

Innovative pet food rolls solutions perfect for all of your pet food needs.

Pets are your top priority. At Hovus, we believe you deserve the best casings designed just for your specialized pet products. We take no shortcuts when it comes to our pet food rolls. They offer the same protection as our food casings designed for human consumption.

We ensure that all of our pet food rolls maximize your product’s safety, longevity, and nutrition to keep your pet food rolls, dog food rolls, chub dog food, and other chub pet foods deliciously fresh.


  • USDA/FDA approved
  • Kosher approvals available for most products
  • CFIA approvals available for most products

4 Reasons to love Hovus Pet Food Rolls

  • Unmatched Diameter Control: Customize the size of the chub packaging to meet your product requirements.
  • Unique-to-Your-Product Meat Adhesion: Meat adhesion isn’t one-size-fits all. Hovus pet food rolls give you the freedom of customization to always do what’s best for your product.
  • USDA-Approved Colors: Every aspect of our pet food rolls is USDA-approved – all the way down to the color of the casings.
  • Expert, In-House Branding Design & High-Technology Color Printing: What’s inside isn’t the only thing that counts. Our design and printing experts are here to ensure what’s on the outside stands out above your competitors.

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Hovus Pet Food Rolls

Casings Casing Features
Victan® XMCC For applications that require the highest level of barrier protection and extended shelf life.
Victan® HD The gold standard of polyamide-based, multilayer, cook-in casings in North America -- designed to keep pet foods fresher, longer.
Victan® C For pet food products that will be frozen with the casing remaining on.
Victan® XSE For use on any raw product that can be either fresh or frozen. Victan® XSE is an outstanding casing for cooked products as well.

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