Ground Beef Chub Films and Beyond

Chub film packaging is the one of the most resilient packaging options for raw meat in the food-packaging industry.  Offering extended shelf life and superior durability in freezer environments, our ground beef chub films offers protection from the external environment and provides superior meat adhesion.

Hovus Victan® C and Victan® XSE casings have raw ground beef and sausage covered and can be used in fresh or frozen applications where the casing remains on. Both ground beef chubs casings are available in a wide variety of USDA-approved colors and several forms including; shirred, reel stock, cut lengths and clipped.

Beyond that, Hovus offers a comprehensive line of durable, versatile Victan® casings designed for protecting many other food products as well, including cooked ham, cooked deli meats and sausage, cheese, fresh or frozen ground poultry, chorizo, and specialty products such as soups, sauces, cookie dough and other bakery products, butter, and even pet food!

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