Chorizo Casing

Hovus has a number of inventive packaging solutions for chorizo, including barrier casings for fresh or frozen raw chorizo, flat films for the high-volume chub producer, and nylon-based monolayer casings specially designed for cooking and stripping applications. Our plastic chorizo casing has many structural and hygienic advantages over natural casing.

Victan® C & XSE

Our Victan® C & XSE chorizo casing is the casing of choice for fresh or frozen raw chorizo where the casing will remain on. This barrier casing is specially formulated to provide long-term protection for frozen meat products.  

They offer: 

  • Outstanding diameter control
  • No soaking required
  • Wide variety of USDA-approved colors
  • In-house graphic design and high-technology, full-color printing capabilities

Victan® C and XSE come in the following forms:

  • Shirred (with lubrication, if required)
  • Reel stock
  • Cut lengths
  • Clipped
  • Clipped and looped

Available in shirred product diameters from 27mm-190mm, they’re also USDA/FDA approved.

Alltan Barrier Flat Film

Our Alltan Barrier Flat Film is an excellent choice for the high volume chub packaging producer. Designed for products manufactured on horizontal/vertical form, fill and seal equipment such as the poly-clip TSA, our Alltan Barrier Flat Films are ideal for chorizo and a variety of other food products, including ham, ground meats (beef, pork, poultry), hot-fill cheeses, cookie dough, soy meat substitutes and even pet foods.

Other advantages of Alltan Barrier Flat Film:

  • Excellent diameter control
  • Meat adhesion per customer specifications
  • Wide variety of USDA-approved colors
  • In-house graphic design and high technology, full-color print capabilities
  • High quality Gravure and Flexographic trap printing
  • Per roll film amounts ranging from 3,300 to 5,000 linear feet

Delivery Form:

  • Reel stock

Victan® KB, P & PT

Our Victan® KB, P & PT nylon-based monolayer casings are well-suited for cooking-and-stripping applications like those used for cooked chorizo. These chorizo casings offer good meat adhesion and diameter control, and, like all Hovus products, they allow for customized graphic design and printing on your product's exterior.

Which Hovus Product is Best for Your Application?

Call us at 610-997-8800, and we’ll work with you to decide which Hovus product is best for your chorizo casing application. Our on-site customer service is always available to come to your facility to provide any assistance you may require.

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