TSA Film

For all chub products manufactured from flat roll film on a poly-clip TSA machine.

Wrapped In Versatility

Hovus Incorporated offers reliable TSA Film Packaging for your poly-clip systems to protect your high volume, chub packaging products. These ready-to-be-filled films are ideal for your TSA automatic sealing machines for a cost-effective solution to increasing production.

Benefits of TSA Film:

  • Ideal for poly-clip TSA system
  • Excellent diameter control
  • Customizable meat adhesion per customer specifications
  • Wide variety of USDA-approved colors
  • In-house graphic design and high-tech, full-color print capabilities
  • High-quality Gravure and Flexographic trap printing
  • Per roll film amounts ranging from 3,300 to 5,000 linear feet

At Hovus, we're known for our casings and loved for our service. We're committed to being your ultimate packaging partner with the highest quality products, unmatched service, and just-in-time shipping to get you our products when you need them.


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