Victan® Smoke TC - Draft Line Card Version

For production of cooked, smoked sausages with higher water activity that are smoked during thermal processing and cooled before being packaged and distributed. Smoke TC is an elastic version of Victan® Smoke and can be twisted/linked and cooked in straight or curved casings.

Customer Applications:

  • Cooked, smoked sausages

General Benefits:

  • Customized meat adhesion
  • Limited, controlled weight loss
  • Excellent peeling properties
  • Achievement of different smoke intensity levels
  • Excellent flavor and color stability during storage
  • Smooth, dry, matte surface resembling natural fabrics, available in a selection of natural colors
  • Caliber uniformity for given portion weight, casing thickness, and equipment used
  • Twistable on a linking device
  • Good cross-cutting properties
  • Easy to fill and clip (can be clipped, twisted or both)
  • In-house graphic design
  • High-technology, full-color printing capabilities


  • Straight or curved, in varying thicknesses
  • Long shirred strands of 1,000-1,500 meters
  • Reels of 40-100 meters
  • Cut lengths
  • Clipped
  • Highly compressed, shirred sticks

Diameter Range:

  • Need updated information


  • USDA/FDA approved
  • Kosher approvals available for most products
  • CFIA approvals available for most products

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